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Here is an old article of Wallpaper about a quick workshop which happened in June 2011 at Strate Collège, for BMWi and in collaboration with Wallpaper, covering the different projects around the world. Within 5 days only, we had to discover the topic/mission Monday, explore solutions and develop a proposition to present the Friday morning. It was very fast so we worked in 3 groups (I was with Arthur Coudert and Shamini Thanapalasingam) to develop 3 quick-projects.

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We began with four facts :

  • Paris’ Mayor does all he can to make Paris an impossible city for cars/drivers;
  • Paris enjoys one of the best public transportation system in the world;
  • Paris is one of the main touristic cities, with over-crowded pedestrian areas;
  • BMW is one of the brands able to enter new markets (for instance, passing from airplanes to cars)

Consequently, each group worked for a chosen neighborhood in Paris where cars would be forbidden. Our project was to remove the transportation systems from the grounds and offer them an higher point of view. So, we thought about a cable car inspired by mountain stations. It is a complete new way to discover Paris while the surface now available is used to offer green spaces, perfect for ecologic mobilities (pedestrians, bicycle, Vélib’…). The to do not disturb the view, each cabin offers a 360° view, without any mount or blind spot. Indeed, each cabin has an innovating system: when people want to enter/go out, the bottom goes down to the ground and rise again before to leave the place.