As a matter of fact, I always knew I wanted to do industrial design and study at Strate. Once there, I have been able to take part to the dual degree with Grenoble School of Management. Graduated from both schools, it has offered me the opportunity to design more efficiently, be independent and work with a real consciousness of the market.

Passionate by automotive design and Web design, I created Acadesign 10 years ago and kept a real taste for web and service design. For Holtz Office Support (in Wiesbaden, Germany), I designed COPIC’s e-shop (, for EUMA. Interested by pertinent innovation, I also joined RaidLight to take part in the development of their first trail shoes, recognized as a very smart and strong product. In order to learn how we can build a brand or build its new global strategy, I also worked for Diadeis P’Référence where I mainly work for Kronenbourg in a competition we won against famous other design agencies. Since, I have worked as a service and web designer for OZ International, french and important actor in the art realm.

At last but not least, I am currently looking for job opportunities in Industrial/Service Design Management & Business Design, at an agency or in an internal department. Working abroad doesn’t scare me (it interests me). I am very open minded and love to discover new areas and learn new skills. Do not hesitate to contact me.

I do hope you will appreciate my website.

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