Here is my diploma project, based on a complete service allowing people to develop their knowledge and meet people around cultural events, thanks to carpooling. It features an App of "smart-carpooling", the optimization of the travel and a proposition of vehicle. Its interior is designed to help people to share and discover knowledge around their fields of interests.

Cobrain is a carpooling service helping to share knowledge. It starts with an App prototyped on iOS. Here is a board summarizing it (in French):


First, you can create an account and link it with your other accounts on social & knowledge networks. Add also some ice-breakers to facilitate the connection with other users. It will help the system to find accurate events for your with interesting people. Thus, you will see which people are aiming to go to the event. For each person, you can have a look on your complementarity / similarity (if your interests are the same or if you complete each other).

Cobrain links people (through their smartphones) and connected vehicles. It helps to save time picking up passengers and going to the destination. The connection between those devices allows to naturally engage a process of knowledge management based on the SECI model (Socialization, Externalization, Combination & Internalization). This process takes place during the trip around a SECI-interactive-table, inside vehicles.

1-Ajouts IA

If needed, Cobrain use some ice-breakers to launch the Socialization step. Then, topics and questions appears on the table and are free to be discussed by passengers, Externalizing their tacit knowledge. Cobrain integrate them in the table and looks for explicit knowledge (encyclopedias, databases…) to validate them or suggest corrections and more details. It helps to Combine tacite & explicit knowledge in an interface based on pearl-trees. The Integration is also improved by the possibility to keep a copy of the main informations in a “road-notebook” (i.e. with Evernote).

Here is a proposition of an interior for a vehicle integrating a SECI-table. Here are some sketches :

rendu perspective arriere - sketch aplati - couleur 10 - PT - 1600x1200

rendu perspective arriere - sketch aplati - couleur 06 - pt preview 1920

rendu perspective globale - sketch - color v2 - 10 - PT v2 - 1920x1080

rendu perspective globale - sketch - color v2 - 10et14 - PT face et dos - dos a la route - 1920x1080



Finally, I realized a model of my interior proposition (scale 1/5). The steering wheel and the mechanisms of the front seats are 3D printed. The SECI-table is thermoformed and all the rest is sculpted in specific foam.