In the french subways and trains networks, several entities share this public space (such as RATP & SNCF). Those companies have different visual codes in their communication and how they communicate the directions. As if it wasn't disturbing enough, when the different visual identities meet, there is an overload of informations for passengers discovering the area. A syndicate (named STIF) acts as the transport organization authority and is looking for solutions with the RATP.

Underlight is a project of service and mobility design proposing a simple and elegant solution: a "fil d'ariane" or breadcrumbs trail showing you the path to reach your subway line with the good destination. Those luminous threads take place from the entrance of the platform, striding along hallways' ceiling and walls. Of course, the directions are indicated and repeated regularly.

When, for a same line, the destinations are opposed, Underlight features a very smart system of tiles making sure you will only see and track the good path. Thus, you won't feel lost anymore.


This project was realized with Damien Durand and Félix Godard who drew these wonderful illustrations.





Bellow, a schema explaining the system of tiles used and for a same line, the destinations are opposed :

Fils d'ariane - recadrage - 1000p